Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

We’re home!

Anyone that follows my Project 365 page, knows that we’ve been out and about.  Drove from Homosassa to Mandan North Dakota.  Loooooong time to sit still in a car.  

But I always know what’s going on because I read the Chronicle online.  And get emails and texts from my friends and family.  Gotta stay in the loop!

We made it back just in time to attend the Old Homosassa Heritage Council monthly meeting. We’re making progress on getting the repairs down on the water tower but it will be a LOT of money. Still doing our fundraisers and coming up with new ideas.  

Concerns were expressed at the meeting about the helipad on Mason Creek.  This is a very quiet neighborhood and the new property owner wants to land two helicopters there when he visits his retreat on weekends.  He claims the helicopters are small and make very little noise. Less than a tractor or an airboat. One is a two-seater and the other a four-seater.

The first issue is the disturbance to the wildlife refuge, bird sanctuary, the salt marshes and the quiet neighborhood.  And second, once he gets approval, where does it go from there? The owner is a developer in Tampa. does he plan to do property tours from the air? What kind of precedent is this helipad setting?

Anyhow, I’m doing research and talking to locals. Terry and I will be at the meeting on September 3rd in Lecanto.  

the Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails
The salt marsh trail and bird viewing tower is less than 1/2 mile from the proposed helipad.

And a more fun note, Watsons Art Gallery in Old Homosassa is holding Paint and Wine classes.  The first one is tonight.  Might be too late to sign up for that one.  The next one is September 25th and then there will be one on October 23rd.  $45 and bring your own wine. 

Save Our Water Week is coming up in September.  From the 18th through the 26th. 

September 19th is the Homosassa River Raft Race.

And October 23rd is Darin and Kathryn’s wedding!  All the family will be in Florida!  Looking forward to the big event!  NINE WEEKS!  The Countdown Begins!

Darin and Kathryn

Have a great weekend!


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