Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

I totally missed posting most of last week.  Just being lazy.

And I had some company. (but that’s not my excuse)

Here’s a pic that I love of me, Jes, and Piper.  

hammaock time

I couldn’t put it on my “project 365” page because I didn’t actually take it.  Alan had my camera and was snapping like crazy.

I always say, take 500 photos and one will be really good!

My main camera lens (18-55 mm) broke.  Not actually broke.  But it won’t “auto-focus”.  I have to put it on manual and going to say 5 out of 6 snaps are blurry.  You might have noticed that the quality of some of the pics from yesterday’s post were pretty bad.  

This lens came with the camera body and I’m debating whether to replace it or just struggle. I did go out to Amazon to check on pricing and was surprised at how expensive they are.  It wasn’t much more for the entire camera kit. 

Heavy sigh.  Maybe using manual focus will make me a better photographer.

Or just a more frustrated one…

Nah, I’m getting a new lens.  Just gotta do the research and buy the right one.

Got some controversy going on in Homosassa.  A local property owner has requested permission to build a helipad on his acreage.   When I first read about it, I thought “so?” A helicopter used to land on private property over off of Garcia and that didn’t seem to be a problem.  But the new helipad will be closer to the wildlife refuge which is prompting concerns.  There will be public info meeting on September 3rd in Lecanto.  Don’t have any further info on that yet but we plan to attend.  I’ll try to get more details by next Friday. 

Want to remind everyone that the Old Homosassa Heritage Council meeting has been moved from the 2nd Wednesday this month (August 12) to the 3rd Wednesday (August 19) to accommodate an engineer that will be finalizing the contract for the Water Tower maintenance.  We will be meeting at the Homosassa Civic Club at 5:30.  

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I just bought a picture at our local thrift store. I wanted the frame but after looking carefully saw that the picture of 2swans was actually a watercolor. After some research on the internet have found that Ellen came from Palatka where my brother has a winter trailer.(Satsuma)My home is in Flagler Beach,Fl. I come back to my hometown of Jamestown NY each summer.. I found this watercolor in a thrift store in Jamestown. Can you tell me if it is an actual painting or perhaps a print.It is double matted and I will not be taking it apart for the frame but instead taking it to Florida with me to my home there. Anything you can tell me about this will be greatly appreciated. I love this painting.Thank you so much. Norma

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