Friday Meanderings

All I have this week is personal stuff.  Nothing about Homosassa or anything in Florida, although it looks like BIG stuff is happening at 3 Sister’s Springs.  

Should be interesting.  

But let me get to my sweet little dog that I’ve had forever…..

Maggie’s been sick.

Poor Maggie

Had to take her to the vet.  X-ray, two shots, prescription, special food.  Ka-Ching.  X-ray showed she had bone pieces in her stomach.  We’ve never fed Maggie a bone in her life.

Boots, were you giving Maggie bones?

What, me?

Maggie’s feeling better but her walks are much shorter and a lot slower.  She’s 15. According to the world wide web, she has moved from senior to geriatric.  

She’s already almost back to her old self!

I want a treat and I want it now!

Some of you may remember that I wrote about our inspiration Shirley Magnie at 88. She’s passed her 90th birthday and is still going strong.  She recently had some issues and is in the hospital but will be out today. And back to Mexican Train, chorus, playing the organ, and all those other social engagements that keeps her busy.

Shirely and Carroll
Shirley and Carroll

Tomorrow is granddaughter Adley’s first birthday.  

One year ago…

Brand New Adley
Brand New Adley

And yesterday

and how exactly can I get out of the barriers and upstairs to my MOM!

Over the last six weeks, we’ve watched Adley pull herself to standing and balancing precariously;  advancing to a Frankenstein walk a few days later; and now she’s more like the gingerbread man. Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me…..

Maggie is only safe from Adley’s inquisitive little fingers when the pooch is closed up in her crate. I actually have to lock the box because Adley has figured out how to open it.

And it’s just beginning!

We’ll be celebrating Adley’s big day this weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend, too!


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