Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Went to a meeting yesterday.

And there was a damn squirrel….




I know, you’re saying–First, why is there a squirrel at your meeting and second, why is there a Michelob Ultra in the background?

And the answer is…

That’s the way we hold meetings in Old Homosassa.

So why aren’t you at our meetings?  We need VOLUNTEERS! The Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival is a huge event.  This is the only fund raising event that the Homosassa Civic Club has.  With that money we run the club, give scholarships, support Veterans groups, help children.  

We have a lot of children here that do not eat on a regular basis.  Some don’t even have shoes.  We have a lot of rich people but a whole lot more in poverty.  

You don’t have to live here.  You can join our club.  It’s $3 a year.  Really.  Think about it.   

Okay.  Off of my own personal soap box.

(We need volunteers)

I didn’t see a whole lot going on this weekend in Citrus County.  Personally, Terry and I will be hitting up local businesses for donations.  

Save our water week is coming up.  Yeah, I’ll probably be giving you grief about that one next week! (Let’s get our waterways cleaned up!)

The helipad meeting is on the 3rd.  

I’ve been updating my websites.  (just in case you didn’t notice)  And I’ve been working on my “diy” site.  (Yeah, no one looks at it. Makes me feel like that loser that doesn’t get picked for the soccer team. Oh yeah, now I remember, I was that loser!) Maybe a loser, but never a QUITTER.  No not me.  Next Tuesday and every Tuesday for six weeks, I’m doing a series of creating totes. Beginning with really easy stuff and progressing to a wee bit more difficult.  You can do it!

And then when I’m all finished after six weeks, I’ll be giving a tote away.  Yes.  You get to choose.  All you have to do is comment and my entirely random method will pick the winner. The posts will go up on Tuesday on The first one will just be boring intro French seam stuff.  But you can start commenting on Tuesday on and just every Tuesday until the series is finished.  At the end of the six weeks I’ll just pull all those comments together and pick the winner.  Totally randomly.  (My entirely random method will be cutting a bunch of numbers up and throwing them in a bag, numbering the comments, and pulling the WINNER! Yeah, and you thought I was high tech!)

And, since few actually look at, you have an excellent chance of winning!


And onto better and more fun news….the countdown is 8 WEEKS until Darin and Kathryn’s wedding!

Here they are at Alan and Lauri’s wedding. Darin had to do a little speech. Kathryn’s thinking, I’m not making anyone do that at my wedding!

Have a great weekend!






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  1. I like the baby squirrel – so Old Homosassa! When is the seafood festival ? (I’m not volunteering,…not yet) For some reason, I never make it – I think I have another function that overlaps.

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