Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!  

We’ve been to a few meetings this week and there’s more next week.  I coerced most of the attendees  of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council meeting to pose for a photo afterwards.  (A few snuck out without my permission!)  Thought we could use it in the newspaper.

And Clyde gave bunny ears.

Old Homosassa Heritage Council

It’s actually kind of funny.  But I don’t think the newspaper is gonna want it!

I’ve been following the Yulee Drive sidewalk story since back in July 2014.  There was supposed to be a final plan in the Fall of 2015 with construction starting in 2016.  Well, that’s what I thought.  I emailed the county officials and received this response from Walt Eastmond, Transportation Project Manager: 

Good afternoon Kathy – 100% plans have been submitted to FDOT for review and approval. Through that review process a few minor areas of wetland impacts within the road right of way were identified. The project consultant has already addressed the impacts with the Water Management District (WMD) and the WMD has already approved the impacts as they are deminimis. However, the Army Corp has a few questions that the consultant is now addressing.

As plans are now complete and we have an accurate project cost estimate we approached FDOT for programming construction funding. Currently federal funding is scheduled for 2017.

Please let me know if you have any other questions

Disappointing response.

Today’s the anniversary of 9/11 and Terry and I are planning to go to the tribute at the Valerie Theatre this afternoon.  Since I’ve recently been introduced to the renovated venue, I’d like to check out any displays they have in the future.  Inverness is really turning their downtown into a destination. They have a new motto “Small Town Done Right”.  Pretty cool.

I’ve got a little fashion statement to make.  You all know how fashionable I am.  Here in Homosassa, we consider jeans as being dressed up.  Yes, it’s flip flops, t-shirts and shorts the rest of the time.  But I still look at the online catalogs and I noted that high-waisted jeans with flared legs are back in style.  

And I want to know why we had to get rid of our “mom jeans”?  We’d all be ready for this “new” look!

mom jeans



 women’s jeans of a style regarded as unfashionable or unflattering.”just because you’re 40+, it doesn’t mean you have to start walking around in mom jeans”

These are “Mother Hustler Fray Jeans” from Anthropologie.

Mother Hustler Fray Jeans

And from J.Crew we have “Maguire High Waisted Flare Jeans”

It’s just a matter of time before the fashionistas dictate that jeans with pleats are the way to go!

Six more weeks until Darin and Kathryn’s wedding.  There’s a “happy hour” the evening before.  Dress code is jeans.  Think I know what I’ll be wearing!

Darin and Kathryn

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Meanderings

    • Terry, I have to say that I’m glad skinny jeans are on the out! But they’ll probably be back in 20 years. But will we care? Looking forward to pleats coming back around!

  1. Now I know why I still have 3 or 4 styles of jeans clogging my closet ! Exception, ‘Mom Jeans’,….is there anything to make my backside look bigger ?! Oh, yes, maybe a giant back pocket with a M on it,…”Moooo”. (like I need THAT label!?) LOL

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