Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

I’m gonna start right out and tell you about a pet peeve of mine.  

Web addresses that aren’t right in articles and advertising.  

I’ve seen it in national magazines, ads on TV and in the local paper.  

For instance, the Diva Night that the Citrus Chronicle is sponsoring is wrong.  Been wrong since the first day that they put it in the paper.  And still wrong two months later.  

Now it’s hit even closer to home.  Here’s the first advertisement for the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.


That’s not the correct website.  It’s

Heavy sigh.

Everything else looks good.  (Well, I’m wondering about the lobster.)

So what’s going on this weekend?  The Citrus Sertoma Club is having OctoberFest in the field north of the Crystal River Mall.

Crystal River is having Sunset at the Pier.

At our house, we’ll be having the future bride and groom stop by for a few hours.  Okay.  Maybe overnight.  Only THREE WEEKS until the big day!

DArin and Kathry


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