Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Yesterday was a particularly busy day.  If Terry hadn’t bought me a bottle of wine which I didn’t even know about, this post would not be here!

First off, I want to say how disappointed I am in the Citrus County Historical Society.  They put a newsletter out every quarter that is supposed include all of the heritage councils in the county. Since I’m the corresponding secretary for the Old Homosassa Heritage Council, I’m responsible for writing the article and submitting the copy and the photos.  Which I did before the deadline.

Just got the newsletter this afternoon and the Old Homosassa Heritage Council was completely omitted.  Every other council in Citrus County was included.  We are a new group and want to get our name and mission out to the county so this was very discouraging.

Ok, so I’m moving on.  Because I can’t let that stuff bring me down….

Besides 10,000 other things we did yesterday, we attended the political fundraiser for Sam Himmel, Citrus County’s School Superintendent.  And we hear that there were 600 tickets sold but it looked like a whole lot more attended….

Here’s the line for the BBQ

Sam Himmel

and a bunch of tables


On Monday we were invited to attend and because we already had a full agenda for the week, our first thought was, ah, no thanks. But then we started thinking about it and Sam Himmel has been a great superintendent. We’ve been reading about her in the Chronicle for the past 8 years that she’s been in office and have read nothing but good.  

So we decided to support Sam Himmel because it was the right thing to do.

Sam Himmel

In Sam Himmel’s talk during the fundraiser, we learned in her 8 years in office, the Citrus County School System has been “A” rated for 7 of those years.  Pretty good considering 70% of the children in the county get free or reduced-price lunches. Yes, we have a whole lot of people living below the poverty line. 

It was a good event.  And it was held at M & B Dairy in Lecanto.  A HUGE operation that I didn’t even know existed.  And yes, they actually are a working dairy!

dairy cows

And after all of that we attended the Homosassa River Alliance Meeting.  

Because we are in every group ever created in Old Homosassa.  

Okay.  Just kidding.  I’m sure there’s some organizations here that we really don’t want to belong to.  We are only in those good groups that give back to the community.

And I would not even be posting now except my wonderful husband bought me a that bottle of wine that I didn’t know about.  

So what’s going on this weekend?

The Scarecrow Festival is on Saturday at Heritage Village in Crystal River.

We won’t be there.  We’re headed to Tampa to watch 5 of the grandkids play basketball.  

And it’s our anniversary.  So we are celebrating.

This is my favorite picture of our wedding.  Which we had in our living room in our “starter” home back in 1992 when we started all over.  With our best friends, three of our adorable children, my mom, sister Ellen and niece Michelle (with the big hair.)  Just a little fun fact, Yvonne, second from the left officiated our wedding and many years later officiated Alan’s wedding (he’s the happy kid with the tie) and Jessica’s wedding.  Jessica even wore Yvonne’s original wedding dress when she married Andrew in 2013. Other than my mom who passed away, we’re all still hanging together.

wedding party

Our life is so good.  

I should recreate this picture!  Oh yeah, this is going to happen!

And speaking of weddings, that cute kid in the red shirt in the above picture is getting married in two weeks!

Our last kid is getting married!  DArin and Kathryn

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