Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

mermaid signOkay, you know where you are supposed to be tomorrow.  Right?  Here in Old Homosassa.  Enjoying all that great seafood.  Much of it deep fried.  Usually I can smell the oil cooking away all the way to my house.  Of course, if the wind is right I can hear the bands at the Shed.  

Speaking of.  Sarasota Slim  At the Shed.  Saturday evening.  Sunday afternoon. I will be slipping over there.

And lets talk about OUR entertainment at the Festival.  

 “Shades of Gray” and Cat Valentine are playing on Saturday. Rick Standard is playing on Sunday.  Followed by “Under the Willow”, a bluegrass band.  With a banjo.  Looking forward to hearing all of the groups.  

Next interesting event is the Homosassa River Alliance meeting at the Civic Club on November 19th.  They usually hold their meeting on the second Thursday of the month but the Festival committee has to use the Civic Club on that night. So it’s been rescheduled.  Gerry Mulligan, the publisher for the Citrus County Chronicle will be the special guest.  He’s a very interesting and informative speaker and will be talking about Citrus County’s future with our waterways. It’s open to the public. We’ll be there.  Well, if we make it through the Festival weekend!

Have a great weekend!


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