Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday!

And I should have something witty or at least sarcastic to say, right?

Too tired for either right now.  The Festival sucked all the energy out of my body.  

Hoping I get some of it back next week!

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council held the big golf cart raffle.  Golf Cart Doug and four members from OHHC delivered the cart to Marilyn LaTorre in Sugarmill Woods on Monday.  golf cart winner

Speaking of golf carts, there is a meeting today at 3:00 at the Lecanto Government Center to discuss turning Old Homosassa into a golf cart community.  After years of being a “golf cart community”, our residents have been harassed over the last year by one deputy who has decided that golf carts are BAD.  We have worked very hard to get a big turnout at the meeting.  Since Old Homosassa isn’t incorporated, our only elected official is our county commissioner, Ron Kitchen.  Not sure if he has spent a whole lot of time down here and understands our unique village.  

Hey, if the Freezer could ignore all of the rules and be allowed to be a restaurant and bar without any legal standing perhaps there is a precedent there?

Personally, I’m off to Renninger’s ANTIQUE EXTRAVANGANZA today.  This is one of the few traditions that MUST NOT be messed with.  Michelle, Connie and I are off in the early hours to join all of those women in their mini vans and SUVs to do treasure hunting.  Terry will have to represent me at the golf cart meeting.  

TReasure Hunting

Here’s our selfie from last year!

Went to the Homosassa River Alliance Meeting yesterday.  Gerry Mulligan, publisher of the Citrus Chronicle and numerous other small newspapers across the state, was our special speaker. He made many interesting points but the main one that if we wanted the water issues fixed we had to present the solution.  That only makes sense.  

Gerry Mulligan

I found it sad that there were only 33 people at the meeting.  It was advertised in the Citrus Chronicle every day for the past few weeks plus all the local organizations sent emails out to their members. As far as I could tell, only members of the River Alliance were there, besides a couple of people that were running for office. I thought we would have more representatives from our other local groups there to support our community. 

So, what’s going on??

Got me!

Oh actually, Yankeetown is having a seafood festival this weekend and Ozello is having an art show next weekend.  Hope to get to both of them.

There’s a flag disposal ceremony on Saturday at the Homosassa Civic Club by American Legion 166.  Starts at 3:00.  If you have an American flag that’s seen better days, this is the only way to dispose of it.  Seriously.  There are laws!

Have a great weekend!


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