Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Today.  Black Friday.  Tomorrow. Local Saturday.  Monday.  Cyber Monday.

Who makes up these names????

I’m not a “shopper”.  Yeah, I shop.  But mostly from the comfort of my couch.  And my short drive to Publix.  And if I really need something, I’ll make the BIG drive to Brooksville/Spring Hill.  

But if I want to get something unique and special, I turn to all of our “local” shops right here in Citrus County.

So let’s talk about “local”.  

We have some really great shops in Citrus County.  Not chains.  Unique stores with unique items. Owned and operated by unique people.

And I want to showcase them through the month of December.  Yeah, that’s like NEXT WEEK!  

Starting on Tuesday I’ll be highlighting some of our local stores and restaurants in Homosassa.  Then I’ll move out to other places in the county.  Places that I enjoy and can happily recommend.

So what else is going on?

Homosassa residents met with the Citrus County engineers about turning Old Homosassa into a golf cart community last Friday.  The meeting went well and the plan will be presented to the County Commissioners on December 15th.  I don’t know the time yet but will post as soon as I get more info.

December 10th there is a town hall meeting at the Homosassa Library with Ron Kitchen, our commissioner.  At the last town hall meeting way back on March 12, 2015, a list of the concerns of those attending was made. It’s been several months since we made that list.  Hopefully that will be addressed in the meeting.  One thing they didn’t do anything about was the “Great American Yard Sale” along 19 which was held the weekend of November 12-14.  Wondering how many car accidents were caused by those yard sales.

And the sidewalks for Yulee drive?  Now planned for 2018.  Ridiculous.

Okay, what’s going on this weekend?

Missed the Yankeetown Seafood Festival last weekend because when we had planned on going, it rained!  And rained, and rained. We’re hoping to make it to the Ozello Art Festival tomorrow.

Put these on your calendar…

December 10th, Town Hall Meeting

December 15th, BOCC meeting–Turning Old Homosassa into a Golf Cart Community will be on the agenda.

December 18th, Homosassa Civic Club Christmas Party.

December 19th, Christmas Boat Parade plus the Watson Gallery will be having their monthly party with Cat Valentine entertaining.

February 6, “Homosassa Goes Hollywood!”  I’ll be reporting more about this at a later date, but when tickets go on sale. BUY THEM!  Cause they are going to go like HOTCAKES!

Hmmmmm, is that it?

So much to do, so little time!!!!!


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