Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Oh my gosh.  So close to Christmas.

And my big birthday.  Yes this is it.  I’m going to be s-i-x-t-y in 22 days.


But the good thing is that I’ve decided to celebrate EVERY DAY THIS MONTH!  And no one I live with seems to have a problem with that!

Daughter Jessica is here for the weekend.  And 10,000 friends and family are coming to my house this weekend.  Truly. 10,000. 

Going on a trip to Big Shoals Park next week with friends.  (not all 10,000)

Yesterday we went to McCleod House Bistro in Inverness for very late lunch/very early dinner.  Is there a word for that?  LIke brunch.  Linner.  Lupper.  Dunch? Celebration?

Old Citrus County Courthouse

Stopped by the Old County Courthouse museum and the Valerie Theatre.  Just wanted to show Jes how cool Inverness is. (She has promised to watch “Follow that Dream”.)

And OMG, there are seats in the Valerie Theatre!

Valerie Theatre

And Mrs. Santa was out front singing her heart out!

Mrs. Santa

Valerie Theatre

Then we went to Fox Den Winery and visited our friends.  


I LOVE that place.  

And then we went home.

Here’s the crowd in front of the Valerie Theatre wishing me a happy birthday month!

Valerie Theatre


What’s going on?

Monday.  Civic Club Meeting.  American Legion is cooking us a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers for the club at 6:00.  Meeting at 7:00.  If you don’t already belong to the Club, now is the time to join.  $3.00.  For an entire year.  What a deal! And so much fun!

Wednesday.  Old Homosassa Heritage Council at 5:30. 

Thursday.  Town Hall meeting with Commissioner Ron Kitchen at the Homosassa Library.  5:30 – 7:00, Homosassa River Alliance meeting at the Civic Club immediately after the town hall meeting.

December 15.  Golf Cart meeting with the BOCC.  Have NO idea what time it will be. I know, I know, the OHHC corresponding secretary sent out an email that it was at 2:00 but she has no idea what she is doing.  Because everyday is her birthday.  Everyone just needs to sit at the meeting the entire day and into the night. At the courthouse. 

December 18.  Homosassa Civic Club Christmas Party. We are having a Christmas gift exchange of something we don’t want.  No animals allowed.  Maggie, you are safe!

December 19.  Party at Watsons Art Gallery.  Cat Valentine will be entertaining.  Homosassa River Christmas Boat Parade.

Sheesh.  Is that it?

Have a GREAT weekend!


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