Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

commissioner ron kitchen

Went to the Town Hall Meeting at the Homosassa Library yesterday.  It was a really great meeting.  Seriously.  Commissioner Kitchen responded to all the issues we brought up back in March and we gave him some new ones.  We had over 50 attendees which is a great turnout for our little community  

We had two major concerns.  The first is turning Old Homosassa into a golf cart community.  The commissioner asked who wanted it.  Lots of hands went up.  Then he asked who didn’t want it.  One hand.  (What??? Why do you hate golf carts Loretta?)

Terry and I don’t have a golf cart. (Yet) But I’m thinking when they put the signs up advising “watch out for golf carts” and lower the speed limit, it will be better for those that like to walk and ride bikes in the community.  Maybe those crazy drivers will notice us.

Probably not, but hope springs eternal. 

The meeting is on Tuesday, December 15 at 1 pm at the courthouse in Inverness.  We will be there.  With a whole lot of other Homosassa residents.

The second issue was creating a park on the Homosassa River.  Unlike most Florida rivers, we have no public parks directly on the river.  Roger Cullen has started a campaign to use Amendment One money to buy property.  There are two parcels that he is interested in.

Roger Cullen

Here’s Roger Cullen presenting his campaign

Rodney MacRae

And Rodney MacRae voicing his support for the project

There is actually support from both Commissioner Kitchen and Florida Senator Charlie Dean.  This could possibly happen!

Pretty exciting.

I know you are very interested in how my month of party is going.  My friends and I went to White Springs on Tuesday and Wedneday.  Three hours north of here.  I’ll post pics and more details on Monday.  

My friends at OHHC sang me happy birthday!  All it takes is announcing on your website that ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY.  Or maybe like every time I see anyone.

So what else is going on?

December 15.  Golf Cart meeting with the BOCC.  1 PM.

December 18.  Homosassa Civic Club Christmas Party. We are having a Christmas gift exchange of something we don’t want.  It can’t be one of your kids. 

December 19. Homosassa River Christmas Boat Parade. Party at Watsons Art Gallery.

December 25. Christmas

And then it’s my birthday!

Have a great weekend!


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