Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

And the big news right here in Old Homosassa is…..

Drumroll please…..

we are officially a golf cart community.  No longer can the deputies harass the golf cart drivers in the area.  (Unless you’re driving at night or under the age of 14.)  Otherwise, it’s perfectly legal.  Don’t even have to have a drivers’ license! Or those pesky seat belts, windshield wipers, turn signals, or lights.

The vote was unanimous by the board of county commissioners.  More than one commissioner cited Old Homosassa as a “unique” community with special circumstances.  They all said this with a little grin and wink.  

Are we really that strange????  

And here’s our leader, the person that started the whole campaign.

Judy Biston.  You did GOOD Judy!

Judy BistonAll of the speed limits will be lowered to 25 in the area starting at the Old Homosassa Water Tower.  Plus we’ll be getting special signs designating us as a golf cart community.  Sheriff Dawsy was against the measure so I suppose we’ll be getting extra patrols.  I can drive 25!  I usually get stuck behind someone that’s going 20, anyhow!

Next big challenge is “Access to the River”.  There is no public access to the Homosassa River.  

I know, you’re saying “WHAT????”

If you don’t have a boat or actually live on the river, you’re out of luck.  Roger Cullen is leading the charge to get not one, but TWO parks on the Homosassa River.  

The first will be a “working waterfront” park. Shrimp boats currently dock there plus Shelley’s Fish Market is right beside the property and will all remain.  Plans include parking, benches, a play area, and a canoe & kayak launching spot.  There will be NO boat trailer parking.

The second park is the Sportman’s Cove next to the Homosassa Water Tower. It’s a RV/Mobile home park recently made infamous for the standing sewage and unlicensed and un-permitted electrical work.  This area would be turned into a park and small boat marina for the residents of Homosassa.

And how are we going to buy this waterfront property?  

Amendment One money.

County Commissioner Ron Kitchen and State Senator Charlie Dean are supporting the project.  There’s even a meeting with the County Commissioners on January 26th to present the plan to the Board of County Commissioners.  

I’m on the committee as the delegate from the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  Yeah, I didn’t know it until Terry, delegate from the Homosassa Civic Club, brought home the handout from last weeks meeting. Okay, I did volunteer but there was another person from our group on the committee so I thought I was off the hook.

Yeah, you’ll be hearing about this BIG project in coming weeks!

So what’s going on this weekend?

Friday night is the annual Homosassa Civic Club Christmas party.  FUN FUN FUN.

Then on Saturday, Watsons Art Gallery is having a Christmas party starting at noon.  Cat Valentine is performing at 3:00.  MORE FUN!

The Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade starts at 6:00.  SUPER FUN!

Photos next week!

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is having their “Celebration of Lights” from the 19th through the 26th, closed on Christmas.  This is such a great show.  We plan on attending on Wednesday night.  With the grandkids. So you might not want to go that night because there will be three totally out of control sugared up small children on the loose.

And Christmas is on Friday!  Zowie!

Have a great weekend!


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