Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Oh Jeeeeeeeze,

I really planned on posting at least three times this week.

Even took all the photos, had the posts in my head.

And then…..stuff happened.

STUFF ALWAYS HAPPENS! It happens to everyone.  You know?

Some good stuff. 

Some bad stuff.  

And I’m not going into details because it’s MY stuff.  


“Homosassa Goes Hollywood” is on SATURDAY!  So excited.  

Gotta say, DeeDee Pierce Wilcox is totally amazing.  She works a full time job and pulled this entire gala together.  

All I had to do is make a little movie.  And do some shopping.

I’ve got the draft finished.  Going to test it tomorrow. On the big screen. Woohoo!  I’m going to Hollywood.  Okay. Not really.  But I am going to Inverness!

The tickets to the Red Carpet Premier have been sold out for a few weeks, but you can still attend the cocktail party at the Old Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness.  For free.  5:30.  Be there. I’ll buy you a drink.  Seriously.

And we’re having a Silent Auction.  You will not believe all the cool stuff that have been donated to this endeavor.  So much TOTALLY COOL STUFF!  

Okay. Besides the “Homosassa Goes Hollywood” major major event.

We went to a few meetings this week.  

The really important one was the “Access to the River” committee.  Our commissioner, Ron Kitchen, was there before the meeting even started. A politician early? What??? We didn’t even know he was coming. And Commissioner Kitchen listened and then gave us some advice as to how we should proceed.  

Things are moving forward.

So what’s going on this weekend?


Be there!

Have a great weekend!

I’m going to have a BUSY one!


golf cart sign
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

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