Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

The other day I was looking out the sun room windows and saw this guy on the boat dock.


So went out to see what I could see.

I keep a pretty safe distance when the otters visit.  They can be a bit cranky.  When they’re in the water they usually bark at me.  But when on the dock, they often just ignore me.  Like this guy.



Looks like he’s growing weary of dealing with the paparazzi.
One last glance and I thought he was going to go into the canal.
Nope, he just decided it was safe and he could catch some rays on his tummy.

When the sun left the kayak ramp, so did the otter.  

So what are you doing this weekend?  I’m planning on continuing to get some gardening done.  Supposed to be a bit cooler than average but the sun will be shining.  This has gotta be the last cold snap, right?  We just finished rebuilding and painting the trellis. So much more to do.

The Homosassa Library started it’s annual Spring sale yesterday.  It’s called a fire sale this year because the storage building they were using for the books burnt down along with all the donations.  But the people of Homosassa stepped up and donated more.  It runs through Saturday so you still have time to pick up some good bargains.

It’s March on Tuesday.  (Zowie–wasn’t it just Christmas?!)  And it will be a busy month.  Besides St. Patty’s Day and Easter, there are a lot of local events.  

March 4th and 5th is the 16th Annual Luminary Art Night.  From 5 – 9.   This is always a lot of fun.  All the local art shops will be open late and the sidewalks will be lined with luminaries.  We’ll be there, as usual.  Love this event! Hey Ellen and Bill–is this on your calendar????

The Shrimpapalooza is on March 19th.  But I won’t be there.  What???? I know.  Craziness.  I love the Shrimpapalooza golf cart parade and I read somewhere that the Shriners will be there in their little cars.  Or did I dream that?  Sometimes I get reality and my dreams mixed together.  (normal? no? should I be worried?)

So what am I doing?  I’m off to BANJO CAMP!  So excited.  I’m trying to not think about what I’m going to miss at the Shrimpapalooza.  Jeeeze.  Last year Banjo Camp was the same time as the Cedar Key Art Festival, which is also known as MERMAID WEEKEND–my annual fun weekend with my mermaid friends.  

Since Terry is the chairperson for the Homosassa Festival this year, we plan to attend as many of the local festivals as possible.  Just to see how the other places handle their events.  The Festival committee plans to make this the best festival ever!

Hope to get to these two…..

The Floral City Strawberry Festival is on March 5th and 6th.  

The Swamp Fest in Weeki Wachee is March 11, 12 and 13th.

I’ll definitely be at the Cedar Key Festival on April 8 and 9th.  Cause that’s MERMAID WEEKEND! And I already missed it last year!  Oh right, I already whined about that.

You’ll probably be reading a lot about the Homosassa Festival here over the next several months.  

I just finished the logo….  logo

The new Arts and Crafts application for 2016 will be on the website on March 1st.  

There’s more.  There always is! I’ll tell you about it next week!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Kathy i was in Glass Garage earlier and saw the flyer on the illiminary walk I cannot believe it has been a year already!! I hope we can make it!

  2. There is an otter that lives next to the bridge by the boat launch. He was in the water there when we walking the other evening, so fun to watch.

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