Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

What a crazzzzy buzzzzzy week.

Banjo Camp.  

So Great!

I already showed the photos.  Got home.  And then the small Green grandkids invaded Perfect.


Love this photo. Little Miss Attitude!


Jack. Fishing.In his pajamas.

Boat Trip

All three of the little Greens.
Little Miss Attitude took this photo of me. Budding Photographer?

making pom poms

Making Pom Poms
The Future Of Pinterest

Took them home yesterday and then spent some serious time napping.


A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I was shutting down the DIY website.  

Maybe a bit pre-mature.  Perhaps a result of exhaustion from doing toooooo many meetings, toooooo many projects, tooooooo much politics.

I’ve been missing my sewing machine.  And then my sweet Addison–the 9-year-old granddaughter–said she LOVES my DIY blog.  Oh geeeeeze.  I told her that I was shutting it down.  Noooooooo!  

So now I’m having second thoughts.

I actually think that she likes checking it out so she can make sure that I’m not making more for Piper than for her! “What!  Piper has a mermaid tail blanket????”

And I told Addison that if she took photos of any DIY project she was working on, I would post it. 

I’m so indecisive. If you have been following the other website, I’ll have a QAYG post up next Tuesday.

So what’s going on this weekend?  Hey, it’s Easter.  Christ is rising.  Isn’t that enough?

Have a great weekend!


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