Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Happy Weekend!

What great weather!  April is my favorite month!  Every thing is being renewed.

Yesterday we had a bit of a torrential downpour.  But that lasted a very short time and the sun came out and life was beautiful again.

See this rose?

Took the pic in the early am….

Don Juan Rose
The first rose bud since I cut everything back to repair the trellis.

And the same rose in the late afternoon….

Don Juan Rose

And that’s what it’s like in Florida in April. (Almost worth July and August)

So what’s going on this weekend?

I have no idea!  I’ve blocked it all out.  I already have plans!

I’m headed to Cedar Key for “Mermaid Weekend”.  

2012_04_28mermaid 2012_04_29sign

Mermaid Sign Egret

It’s also the same weekend as the Cedar Key Arts Festival.  

I’ll be there!

Maggie and Terry will be holding down the homestead.  Fortunately, Maggie just sleeps because Terry will be watching the Masters!

Have a great weekend!


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