Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Happy day after Cinco de Mayo!

So did you go out and party yesterday?

We had a Dos de Mayo party at the Civic Club on Monday.  Before the monthly meeting.  The party was a LOT better than the meeting. 

But parties always are!

Last weekend we were honored to be part of the wedding vow renewal of the Watsons.  All five Watsons took part in the ceremony.

Very cool.

The Watson Five. Big new musical group. Do a little pop. A little alt rock. Wear matching outfits. But they are all about the tunes!


Also want to talk about my butterflies.

Yes, they are MY butterflies.

Okay.  They aren’t really my butterflies cause I don’t have a leash on them and I’m not keeping them in a pen.


I have never had so many monarch butterflies in my yard.  

Seriously.  I’ve had milkweed growing and blooming the 13 years that I’ve lived here.  I think I had ONE monarch in the entire year of 2015.

But now I have to say that there are about six out there having a butterfly party.  In the milkweed. On the peace lilies.  On any blooming flower I’ve got.  Hanging out in the grass.  

Monarch butterfly

Love it.  

But it’s kind of like the first time I saw a manatee in the canal.  I called everyone I knew and left a message. (Yeah, I had to leave a message.  Guess they all had caller ID and didn’t want to talk to me!  “yeah, she’s just going to talk about manatees, just let her leave a message!”)

I was so excited about the manatee.

But now it’s like, oh yeah, there’s a manatee in the canal.  Again. Snooze time. Seriously. That’s how much we have taken our water mammals for granted!

Then I was really excited about the first monarch this year and took a couple hundred photos.

But now I’m like “six monarchs.  three in the grass. why are they in the grass?  Think I need a nap now!”

So what are your plans for the weekend?  It’s Mother’s Day so Terry’s Mom is coming here.  We are going to “Vintage on the 5th”.  My favorite restaurant in the area.

Memorial Day is coming up.  

I’m going to Minneapolis.  Cause it’s like the center of patriotic activities.  

Just kidding.  I’m flying there to see the ND family and I’m stealing away Piper, the 5-year-old, and she’s coming to spend a few weeks with the grandparents.

Terry’s staying here to take care of the DOG!

Okay, this is important….

There will be a ceremony at the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial at 1:00 on Memorial Day.

Piper and I should be there.  

Stop by and say hi!

Have a great weekend!


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