Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday again!  


Time to party!


But I want to talk about insects.  In particular, YELLOW FLIES!  


I have never NEVER had so much pain from an insect bite.  

Neither the real estate agents nor Coastal Living mention YELLOW FLIES or NO-SEE-UMS or ZIKA MOSQUITOS. 

Okay, we don’t have zika. (YET!)

But those damn yellow flies are the worst.  They sneak up on me and blood from their bites is flowing before I realize it and the damage is done.  The itching doesn’t start right away.  It takes awhile…..

The very first time I experienced yellow flies, I woke up in the middle of the night after a day working in the yard and was itching like a crazy person. I thought Maggie had fleas.  I was so miserable. I gave Maggie a bath. At 2 am. Poor Maggie.  Poor me.

Now I now what all that itching is about.

Yellow flies.

Fortunately, they are only here for about two months.  But by the time they leave, it’s too freaking hot to go outside!

Yeah, those realtors and life style magazines neglect to tell you about that!


with all that,

Still love living here in Perfect.

So what’s going on?

The weekend of May 21st, there’s a bunch of parties in Crystal River.  

Raft Race.

Pirate Invasion.

Sounds like fun, fun, fun, fun.

And then the Cobia tournament is on June 11th and 12th at MacRae’s in Old Homosassa.  

This is HUGE fun.  We like to go down and watch the boats head out in the wee hours.  And have a bloody Mary or two while watching.  It’s a tradition!

Oh yeah. Some people actually like to fish on those boats.

Highly over-rated.  Go for the BLOODY MARYS!

And the Old Homosassa Heritage Council will have a tent there.  We will have our new 2016 T-SHIRTS available for a $20 donation.  It will be way cool.

We will also have raffle tickets for a golf outing at Twisted Oaks.  A VERY NICE golf course.

And best of all.

drum roll right here…..

We will have raffle tickets for a GOLF CART!!!!!!

So cool.  Doug and Kim at Homosassa Golf Karts have once again come through with a golf cart for our raffle.  

And now that Old Homosassa is an official Golf Cart Community (Almost like the Villages but totally NOT), you probably really need to buy some raffle tickets.


How much fun are we having?

If we could just get rid of those freaking yellow flies.

Have a great weekend!


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