Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

We had a cornhole tournament in our backyard last weekend.  Just for some of our community group friends that also live in the ‘hood.  It was fun. fun. fun. 

We’ve had many of these tournaments with family and friends and we just assumed everyone knew what cornhole was.

Not so.  

I had a few questions about exactly what was cornhole and how exactly could that be a group sport.

Here’s one of the emails from our newest neighbor: 

Before Karen and I accepted I had to google “cornhole tournament”! Where I came from “cornhole” has a completely different meaning! So, now being enlightened, we shall be happy to attend and look forward to a fun afternoon.

We’re pretty serious about Cornhole.  Blind draw. Single elimination. Two boards going.

Two newbees to the sport WON! Proof that anyone can play cornhole! 

I didn’t take any photos during our First Annual Homosassa ‘Hood tournament, but here’s Kendall playing last year at one of our family tournaments. Everyone has fun playing cornhole.

Terry finished the update on our deck.  I’ll post about that next week.  IT LOOKS GREAT!  And the view is even better, if that’s possible.

As our snowbird friends leave and the summer heat and humidity creeps in, the local entertainment starts to wan.  

This weekend there’s a Pirate Invasion and Raft Race in Crystal River.  10 am to 10 pm.  $5.00 to get in.  

I applaud Crystal River for this effort and trying to keep the fun going through the summer. Hopefully we can get there.  Got other family stuff early in the day.

I’m off to Minneapolis next Friday to pick up 5-year-old granddaughter Piper.  She’ll be with us for a couple weeks. We’ll be at the Wildlife Park almost every day.  Plus visiting those mermaids at Weeki-Wachee.  

PIper told me last year that she really wanted to be a mermaid.  I said “But I’ll miss you”. And she said “I’ll swim down and visit you a lot”  From the Missouri River to the Homosassa River. Too cute.

Have a great weekend!


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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Melissa! I remember the first time I heard of cornhole, and I was like “Whaaaat?” I guess that name came about because the bags are full of corn. But, then shouldn’t it be cornbag? Like beanbag?

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