Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings



Sheesh.  Not feeling very clever.

But I’ll try anyhow, let’s talk about Spring in the waters of Mason Creek.

Had an alligator a couple weeks ago.  Only time we get them is in the Spring when they are very confused. Because it’s mating season.

Four in 13 years.

Told our “weekend” neighbors since their little granddaughter was playing in the canal.   And they laughed.  And that small child continued playing in the canal. (Besides having a predator in the water, do they know that we are not on a sewage system and 75% of the homes do not have updated septic tanks?)


And yesterday I snapped these photos of manatees.

I like to call it Manatee Love.  Think Marvin Gaye.  But no music.

manatee love

manatee love

The public perception of a manatee is this slow moving water mammal munching on sea grass.  

Not during Manatee Love season.  They make some waves!


I’m headed to Minneapolis today.  Picking up granddaughter Piper.  Be prepared for my daily photo in Project 365 to be a 5-year-old.

Important stuff coming up.

Memorial Day.  1:00.  At the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial.  We will be there.  If you want to chat, we are the slightly older tall couple with the very pretty 5-year-old granddaughter.  And we might try to sell you a raffle ticket for a golf cart.  To restore the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

“Meet and Greet” at the Homosassa Civic Club at 5 pm on June 6.  Meet your Florida senators, Dean and Simpson.  I’m on the committee.  Committee of three.  I’ll be there.  I’m a hostess.  Terry is a bartender. Fun. 

Cobia and Big Fish Tournament on June 11 – 12.  Oh, yeah.  Me and the husband and adorable granddaughter will be there.

July 9th, Mullet toss at Old Mill Tavern.  All money goes to the Homosassa Elementary School.  Sheesh.  Are you tired of hearing opportunities to meet us?

Speaking of Old Mill Tavern.  Had lunch there yesterday.  Didn’t take any photos because we’ve been there a thousand times.  And then I checked my blog and realized that I have NEVER even dedicated a post about them. The food is good. The servers are great.  Drinks are excellent. The owners, John and Shelly, support our community.  Terry recommends the wings. You can just order the drummies.  And the handmade French Fries are wonderful.


Have a great weekend.


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