Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s been an interesting week.

Of course, Pipety Piper is still here.


We’ve had lots of fun together.

We also had 3 other grandkids join Piper last weekend.  Walking through my house right now is a wee bit dangerous.  Toys, coloring books, bits of cut up fabric, yarn, all strewn about the place.


But everyone had fun. Even Terry and me.

The sliding glass doors reflect the exact reach of each child.  Still have to get the windex out.  But I think I’ll wait until Piper goes home.

Then last Monday brought TS Colin.  Which caused the cancellation of the “Meet and Greet” with Senator Dean. I’ve been working on this event for probably three months.  Thought I had all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted.  


Piper’s first tropical storm!  She really enjoyed driving on our local roads.  Splash!

And should we be blaming former Florida Governor Charlie Crist for this early season tropical storm?  The paper reported that, for the first time in NINE years, Crist did not send a request to the Wailing Wall in Jerusulem.  

“Dear God, Thank you so much for all you have done for us. Please protect our Florida from storms and other difficulties. Amen,” Charlie Crist wrote in the prayer note inserted into Jerusalem’s Western Wall in 2007. [STEVE BOUSQUET | Times] 

Since he started sending these requests, no hurricanes have hit Florida.

Wow!  Charlie, aren’t you getting ready to run for another office?  Not too late to send that note, is it?

No tropical storms or hurricanes scheduled for this weekend.

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council will have a booth at the Cobia and Big Fish Tournament at MacRae’s of Homosassa.  Stop by and get your raffle tickets for the Golf Cart which is our newest fundraiser.  Thanks to Doug and Kim at Homosassa Golf Karts.  This is always a fun event.

Speaking of OHHC, we had a meeting this week.  (Pretty Piper in Pink was very Patient) Florida Representative Jimmie T. Smith attended.  Claimed it wasn’t a campaign stop.  He is just interested in the heritage of Homosassa and helping us get the park on the river.  Because of the redistricting of Florida, his area has been eliminated.  So is running for a seat on the Citrus County Commission.  

Crystal River is having “Blues and Brew” on Saturday.  Music and blueberries.  (Isn’t it a little late for local blueberries?) Seems that Crystal River is holding a festival every month now.  This one is benefiting the future aquarium.  Hope they keep this up for the rest of the summer and keep the place busy so no more of my favorite independent stores and restaurants close up!

There will be fireworks on the river the end of the month.  Always a fun party!

Fireworks in Old Homosassa

Have a great weekend!


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