Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Sad news for us this week.  Our friend Carroll Wood passed away on Tuesday.  

Jon and Carroll
Jon and Carroll when they won the family cornhole tournament back in 2015.
Shirley and Carroll
Shirley and Carroll chillin’ in our screen
Shirely and Carroll
Shirley and Carroll enjoying an afternoon on the Homosassa River.

He was Terry’s Mom’s “boyfriend”.  He loved coming to Homosassa and was just here for Mother’s Day.  We all went to “Vintage on 5th.”

We will miss him greatly.

So what else is going on?

I’ve been working on a project in my sewing room.  I signed up for the “Manchester Metallics Summer Bag Challenge” through the blog I thought that if I actually got picked out of the over 100 people that applied, they’d send me some fun fabric, I’d throw an easy-peasy tote together, post it and they would put it on their website. (Always looking for free publicity) But then I read the acceptance email and realized that it’s actually a challenge against other sewers! What?  Now I’ve got to bring my A game!  It will be posted next week.  Check it out at on Tuesday.  

Here’s the fabric I get to work with!

They are all from Kaufman Fabrics and the one on the left is SHINY!  The middle one is indigo denim and the one on the right is Kona cotton is silver.  I’ve got the bag designed and part of it put together.  Still lots of work left to pull it together, though.

Kaufman Fabrics
Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

Then there’s my new political life.  When I originally agreed to run for the Homosassa Special Water District’s board, I thought I was the only one signing up.  But there’s a guy from the other side of the river that’s also running. Bummer. Today’s the last day to “qualify” so there could be even more competition!  

Tomorrow is the Homosassa Fireworks Festival.  Terry and I will be at the Old Homosassa Heritage Council in the afternoon asking for donations for our golf cart raffle and our very cool new t-shirts.  Since it will probably in the mid-90s tomorrow and there’s a bar right beside our booth, we’ll probably be drinking beer, too.  (Or at least I will!)

Tomorrow is also the first day of Scallop Season!  Woo-Hoo!  Terry and I will be on our bikes at the ramp watching the local entertainment!

Got some political stuff going on, too.  Two candidates for Sheriff will be in Old Homosassa to hang out with the locals on Friday evening.  Chuck Kanhel will be at the Civic Club and Phil Royal will be at the Old Mill Tavern.  (Chuck Kanhel’s political signs have him as “combat veteran”.  I told Terry that I’m putting “wife of Vietnam Combat Veteran” on my political signs.  That ought to get me some votes!)

Mullet Toss is on July 9th at the Old Mill Tavern.  “Meet and Greet” honoring Senator Charlie Dean is on the 11th at 5 PM at the Civic Club.

Have a Great Weekend.



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