Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s JULY!  It’s HOT!  It’s HUMID!  

So what’s going on in this heat and humidity?

The restoration has started on the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

There are men on that scaffolding!

Marian MacRae, OHHC chairperson, was on Bay News 9 on Wednesday.  Talking about the restoration and GoFundMe page.  I didn’t get to see it because I have Directv and it’s only on Brighthouse cable.  Bummer.  But there is an article about the tower on Bay News 9’s website.  

Funds needed to update historic water tower in Citrus

We have a very cool new design on our very cool new t-shirts, available for a $20 donation. 

t-shirts for OHHC
This is an unofficial photo

I didn’t take this photo.  I drowned my camera on the way to this “photoshoot”.  With an entire Tervis bottle of water.  That I didn’t quite manage to latch.  After sitting in rice for 24 hours, the camera still said “Err 20, Turn off and on, or change battery, and how stupid can you be to drown your camera?”

I had totally accepted that I would need a new camera but right before I went to bed last night, I did one last desperate check. And the camera came up!  And took pics! Yippee!

My first test shot of Terry being very happy that my camera is working!

I put it back in it’s bed of rice just to make sure it’s totally dry.  Plus I’m not taking it out on the boat today when we go fishing.   

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to the Canon EOS 70D but it’s big buckets of money.  And I do not respect my photography equipment.  I just toss it into whatever bag I’m headed out the door with and hit the road.  I’ve learned a lesson from this little experience.  I’m not worthy of a new camera until I start taking better care of this one! (But I think I might buy a new lens, anyhow.)

I already mentioned that the OHHC had a booth at the Poker Run and Fireworks Festival.  Terry and I were there melting away from 11:00 – 3:00.  

Here’s John and Donna Fletcher and their friends at the Poker Run.  

Homosassa Water Tower

They were sweating away, too, but they were on a boat with beer.  Not like me and Terry.  Oh wait.  I had beer, too. Just didn’t have a boat!  Donna and John worked the OHHC booth at the Cobia tournament back when I was enjoying the chill life in North Dakota a few weeks ago so it was my turn.  (Terry worked then, too, I guess he should have been on that boat with them!)

We are volunteering at the Mullet Toss at Old Mill Tavern on July 9th.  All the money goes to organizations that are dedicated to helping kids.  I don’t know what Terry and I will be doing at the event but I WILL NOT BE TOUCHING A DEAD SLIMY FISH!  

Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, you should come.  It’s lots of fun.  We’ve been going every year and reporting on it.  Last year several deputies stopped by and competed.  The year before, the former police chief of Tampa was throwing dead fish.  Lots of FUN!  And it will be even bigger and better this year.

Deputies after their turn throwing the mullet in 2015
3rd Annual Mullet Toss
Former Tampa police chief Jane Castor in 2014

I’m neck deep in the political process now.  So much stuff to do. Can’t imagine what I’d have to do to run for a paid position!  

The “Meet and Greet” is on July 11th at the Civic Club at 5 pm.  Come meet Senators Dean and Simpson. And see me be a “hostess”.  Never done this before.  I could be a puddle or a stand up comedian.  Or we could have a hurricane come in.

Oh.  I got my tote done for the “challenge”.  

Here it is….

SharkWeek, New Tote

And here’s me and Maggie.  I made many attempts to get her to pose with the bag.  Not happening.  But then she ran out to join me in this shot.  No treats, no cajoling, she just volunteered.

travel tote

Fireworks in Crystal River on the 4th.  I’ll be there.  With my hopefully fully resurrected camera.

Have a great weekend and holiday!


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