Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

It’s hot.

Actually hotter than hot.  When our northern friends ask us “how do you stay in Florida all year round?”  We are like, it’s not that bad.  It never gets over 90 and it rains every afternoon.  Brings the humidity down.

That hasn’t happened thus far this year.  96 today.  And yesterday. And every day for the last week. And no rain.

So my suggestion for this weekend is….. Stay inside.  Watch Netflix. Or hang out in your favorite local bar. For the next 6 weeks.

Things will get better.

I always write my Friday Meanderings on Thursday evening.  With a glass or two or three or, maybe even, four  of Chardonnay.  

Which I think makes me very clever.

Or, sometimes that last glass puts me right over to very sad.  

I’ve had a crazy busy week.  Haven’t been sleeping. Caught a cold. 

So.  My meandering for this week is….stay inside, enjoy your family, get some sleep.

Hope you have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Meanderings

    • Yes. It’s so HOT! Had two grandkids this weekend. All outdoor fun is over at 10 am and they aren’t allowed back out until 5 pm. Ridiculous. Still no rain.

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