Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday.

It’s still hot.

Why don’t we have a holiday celebrating the inventor of air conditioning?

Facetimed my daughter and her husband this week and she said, Hey mom, why don’t you post as much as you used to?  


If my daughter doesn’t know that I am still posting four times a week, do you know?

I’m just not posting four times on THIS website.

Over a year ago I started moving the DIY portion out of this blog over to a website dedicated to DIY.

So I’m posting two times here in a “Just a Slice of Life in Perfect” about my meanderings and experiences here on the Nature Coast.

Then posting on Tuesday and Thursday in Designs by KTGreen about DIY–sewing, quilting, gardening and anything else I’m pulling together.  

Plus I put up a photo (almost) everyday on Project 365.  

Until recently my niece Michelle guest posted on this blog every Wednesday.  But she has her own blog now.

So, I’m still blogging just as much…..

But things change.  And change is good!

Like I said, it’s hot here.  Go see a movie.  Stay out of the heat!

Have a great weekend,


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