Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s been raining occasionally and next week the temps are supposed to be under 90 degrees. Woo-hoo.   Not long until the weather will be perfect again!

And now I just want to talk about my new plumeria bloom.


My wonderful neighbor that is so kind to share plants with me gave two branches early in 2015.  I stuck them in a pots of dirt.  And one finally bloomed today.  I knew that they were a reddish-pink but thought that they were probably the same ones I already had.  Not so!

I took this snap of the red plumeria I already had. The blossoms are a different shape!


How cool is that?????

Took these photo from my other two colors of plumeria.

yellow plumeria

white plumeria

Then I was sad because I found one of the branches from a potted plumeria had broken off.  How did that happen?  Who came here and broke that off?  Hmmmmm?

Terry said “stick it back in the dirt”.  

And I said oh yeah, it will grow. Or not.  But I already have to admit that I already have a lot of these plants.

Plumerias are great. So easy to take care of and I get to share them.  I had a friend show me a photo of one of the branches I gave her that she was raising in water.  And it was blooming!  (I asked her to send the snap to me so I could post it and she didn’t…..sheesch!)

Alright.  Not much going on again this weekend other than scalloping.  

On another subject, I had already heard that the Homosassa River Raft Race was cancelled this year.  It’s usually in September. This would have been the 34th year!

Talked to a rep from the radio station that sponsored the raft race in the past and she had no idea why but it’s definitely not happening. She said that we have the Crystal River Raft Race and pirate invasion in May so the Homosassa River doesn’t need a raft race. What????

This is not Crystal River.  So why does one have anything to do with the other?

There is supposed to be a cleanup on the river instead plus a big “Party with a Purpose” to celebrate “Save the Water” week on September 24th which the radio station is supporting.  Guess the radio station is running the show here now!

By the way, September 24th also happens to be the last day of scalloping.  Should be interesting how we do a big cleanup on the Blue Water with all of our visitors there.

Anyone else think something is wrong with that scenario?

Hey, have a great weekend!  Get outside!  The temps are dropping!


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