Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It rained.

A lot.

For the last 7 days.

So I decided at day 1 or 2, to move some furniture around and get better organized.

Even got Terry involved.

And then I got bored with that whole scenario,

Now, instead of one room being a bit cluttered…………

I have three rooms that have been totally destroyed.


The sun is back so those rooms will probably stay in disarray until the next monsoon.

Here’s the new artwork for the t-shirts at the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival for 2016.


I’m sure it will be a BIG seller!  What do you think?  I’ve already got a few comments and am seeking out other opinions.

Terry and I have been in a LOT OF MEETINGS over the past few weeks.  For the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.  It’s a learning experience.

Besides the little meetings, we went to a BIG meeting with the Tourist Development Council (TDC) of Citrus County.  We were hoping to get $4,500 for advertising in the Tampa Bay region.  We thought we had all of our ducks in a row.  But most of them got shot down.

The Festival got a $1,200 grant for advertising.  A lot less than we hoped for but a lot better than zip.  zero.  nada.  zilch.

And we continue.

Looking for sponsors.  Dealing with advertising. Designing graphics. Videos.  Website.

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings.

Okay.  I’m writing this when I’m really really really tired.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and mermaids.

Have a great weekend!


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