Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

I ALMOST forgot that it was Friday.

Phew.  It was a close call.

At 7:30 pm Thursday I remembered I had to meander.

And I had been to a Festival meeting.  Good meeting.  Bad meeting.  (Typical meeting.)

Here’s our committee.

Festival Committee

(not pictured, Kathy Green cause SOMEONE had to take the photo!)

And we do allow minors on the committee.  That’s my buddy Dylan Watson in the front.  I almost want to take him home with me then I remember how much work little boys are.  (And most of them have a distinct odor!)  But he is definitely one of my favorites.

I’m going on vacation!  So, unless I go out and get some photos today, I’ll not be posting until next Friday.  Yeah, I can meander from any location. And I’ll be updating the Project 365 when I get the chance.

Terry’s not going.  Too much Festival stuff going on.  But I’m outta here.  I’m headed to North Dakota to see the family before the snow flies.

Think I’m safe from snow the last week of August!  Adley just had her second birthday, Piper is headed to her first day of kindergarten while I’m there, and Riley’s a sophmore and I’m hoping to spend some quality time with him.  Can’t wait to see them.  Oh yeah, and their parents, too!

Today starts early voting so we’ll be hitting the polls to make our well informed choices. (And how many political calls are you getting every day?  We don’t even look at the caller id anymore.  We are one of the few homes that actually have a landline phone so we are just prey!)

Went to a garage sale today.

Let me preface this with, I’m not into garage sales. All I can think is that this stuff is really grimy and if you don’t want it, why do I?  (And I love thrift stores and antique shops and Extravaganzas so I don’t understand why I have this mind set about garage sales!)

But we walk by this house every morning and say hi to this lady cause she’s always on her front stoop with her cat and she called us in to see her garage sale.

And I bought some cute things.  (Some seasonal rugs actually and I left them hanging outside to get the musty smell out and we had a HUGE thunderstorm so they might not be in very good shape right now!)

I also bought these fairies.  Thinking that the grandkids could use them in their fairy garden.


And I left them on the countertop in the kitchen until I could give them a good scrubbing.

And they kinda pulled me into their weird fairy vibe.

And I kinda think they are just weird enough that I might have to move them into my office and have them appear in some of my DIY blog stuff.

Whata ya think?  Weird?  Scary?  There’s a slippery slope from fun weird into crazy old lady land.



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  1. What a nice surprise to see your great owl pictures. They are a regal pair. Heaven forbid that one should get hold of Maggie. Photos are excellent!

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