Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

When you live in Old Homosassa and you’re threatened by a hurricane, what do you do?

Personally, I take a lot of naps.

Our house is built high.  I have my 2 week supply of peanut butter and wine.

We have boots ready to go!


Nothing creeps me out more than seeing people on the news wading through knee high flood water.  It’s dirty.  Nasty.  Could very well have raw sewage in it.  And for sure there are fire ants floating around looking for a human island to attack.

I have no need to drive out of here.   Cause you know all the local TV stations have told you that YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DRIVE IN THAT WATER.

“Don’t Drown. Turn Around.”

Yeah.  It happens.

Our friends that live right downtown Old Homosassa are tying up their canoe onto their front steps.  That’s their escape plan just in case things take a turn for the worse!

I’m writing this at 9 pm on Thursday.  My neighbor Stacy and I just did a house check on our elderly neighbor that said that she was staying but didn’t answer the phone.  She’s okay but the streets are a little flooded and I’ve got a whole lot of tree debris on my driveway.   Of course, the storm surge won’t hit until 4 am but I haven’t seen Jim Cantore in Homosassa so I think we’re good!

And on to other subjects….

Have you noticed that when August hits.  Things just stop?  We have put up a good front against the heat and humidity and rain and zika mosquitos and biting flies for three months and then we just collectively say.  “Gosh, just going to stay in the house and be cool.”

Thank you the inventor of air conditioning one more time!

It’s Labor Day weekend and that marks the point that we will have stuff going on again!

There’s a Scallop Festival at the West Citrus Elks on September 16 – 18.  10 am to 4 pm. Music, food, scallops, vendors, classic cars.  Fun!

But I still wonder why the Scallop Festival is on the other side of 19?  Far from the water.  Where the scallopers won’t actually visit. I’m guessing it’s just an excuse to have a festival.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Then I noted that the Citrus Chronicle is having a King of Wings Contest!  Another excuse to have a party! Vote August 30 – September 30 at

The contestants are….

Backwater Fins (Ozello), Fat Daddy’s Roadouse Bar and Grill (Homosassa), Castaways Bar and Grill, Clawdaddy’s Raw Bar and Grill, Lollygaggers Sports Pub and Grill, The Loft Bar and Grill (all Crystal River) and the Pine Street Pub (Inverness).

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that Terry and I had our own chicken wing challenge a few years ago.  Which is kinda funny ’cause I don’t really like wings. BUT TERRY LOVES THEM!

We’re pretty excited about this new challenge sponsored by the Chronicle.  We might have to stop by a few (or several) of those restaurants and check out their wings.  Maybe we can ROCK THE VOTE!

Save our Water Week is in September.

The important thing about this is that the Homosassa River Raft Race has been cancelled for the “Party for a Purpose”.

Wondering what wise people made that decision?  How many years has Homosassa had a raft race?  And the raft race has really grown in popularity in the past few years.

Okay, moving on, the Diva Night, sponsored by the Chronicle, is October 8th.  Haven’t done this. Heard good things. I’d be open to going….but…..we’ll see.

So.  Hope you are okay after Hurricane Hermine.

We are super duper.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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