Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings


It’s been a strange year for my garden.  Almost all of my butterfly plants have died from the surge of salt water during Hurricane Hermine.  Today I noticed that the shrimp plants were dead and a large pink salvia that I’ve had for several years is slowly withering away.  All the cosmos are just about gone and they are in a spot that didn’t get flooded.  I planted them many years ago.  Never feed or watered them but they’ve always thrived.

But the roses, alamandas, and plumerias are all bursting with blooms.  These plants spent several hours in that same flood water.  And what’s really weird is that the St. Augustine grass is thick and green and thriving.

So Hurricane Matthew will be here today.  Since this one is on the other coast, we have the opposite issue with the canal. The water is very low.  We are supposed to get a lot of wind.  Yesterday we went to Sam’s Club and it was crazy.  Seems everyone was stocking up before the storm.  Or maybe they were evacuating.  Guess they learned their lesson from Hermine!

This is what is on my calendar!

Scarecrow Festival in Heritage Village in Crystal River on Saturday, October 8th.  Wondering if that will be cancelled???

Citrus County Commissioner Ron Kitchen will be holding another town hall meeting on Thursday, October 13 at the Homosassa library from 5:30 – 7.  We’ll be there.  These meetings are always interesting.

The Suitcase Party to benefit the Boys and Girls Club is Friday, October 14th.  Better get my tickets!  We haven’t been to this event before but have heard great things.

Refuge Day is a chance to see Three Sisters Springs for free!

refuge day

The 42nd Annual Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival is November 12th and 13th.  Terry and I, along with many more volunteers, have been working overtime on getting this setup.  I’ve spent most of this week updating the website.  Last week it was working on the graphic design for the t-shirts.  And before that it was getting the advertising at the radio stations and newspapers.  My blogs have suffered from my inattention.  But it will be here in a little more than a month and I will get back to my normal life!

Oh yeah, and trying to figure out all the rules for running for office, getting signs and business cards, etc. etc. etc.  That will be over soon, too.  Yippee!

Have a great weekend!


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