Friday Meanderings

I’ve taken a step back as two of my friends advised through the comments here.  Took a week off.  I do enjoy posting my thoughts and photos.  It takes a LOT of time to edit the pictures.  Not so much time to meander here.

Since I started my other blog Designs by KTGreen I haven’t dedicated as much time here. I’m attempting to put up two DIY projects a week and write about them. Add to that, I’m in many community clubs and committees.  When I join one of these groups, I am a very active volunteer.  I also do the websites and graphic design for two of the groups.  If you see any Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival flyers or website, I designed them.

Oh yeah, I’m running for Seat 1 of the Homosassa Special Water District.

I also like to have FUN and try to keep up with my friends and family.

But I want to keep busy and I was managing just fine.  Until I, along with Terry and several other hard-working members of the Homosassa Civic Club, was slandered on FaceBook.  That made me very sad. The slandering will continue because we have not resolved that particular problem.  We are working on it.

Taking the week off helped.  I’ll attempt to get back into posting next week.  I might start out with just putting up my photo of the day.

Have a great weekend!



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