Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

And the beat goes on….

My apologies.

I thought I’d get to put some “photo of the day” here all week from Project 365 but it didn’t happen.  My life isn’t my own.  Just spent 2 hours on the phone with a reporter.  And that’s the way every day is. Perhaps not a reporter but some kind of flux.

Except not really.

We are trying to make a difference but perhaps we are WAY OVER OUR HEADS!


Homosassa Civic Club turmoil

Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival

Tent City in Old Homosassa

Along with my typical every day disarray.

Reporter says the article will be in the paper on Friday.

Could be ugly.

But we will go on.

Karma.  Will. Bite. Some. Ass.

Something fun I did get to do this week is go to Crystal River and get a tour of the Kings Bay Restoration Project by Gator Dredging.  They are cleaning up the canals.  Have several more years before it’s done but they are making a difference.

The tour was requested by the “Access to the River” Committee.  We need to get this done on the Homosassa River but it takes a lot of money.  Crystal River has a lot of rich donars and a lot of funding from the state.

Here’s some photos in no particular order.2016_11_01swiftmudsm 2016_11_01safetyfirstsm 2016_11_01lyngbyasm 2016_11_01kingsbayrestorationproject1sm 2016_11_01groupphoto2sm 2016_11_01groupphoto1sm 2016_11_01dredge2sm 2016_11_01dredge1sm 2016_11_01demo2sm 2016_11_01demo1sm

So. Are you thinking.  All those old people.  What can they do?

Good People doing Good Things.  Put that in your calendar or diary or whatever you mark stuff down in.

We still got at least 20 years.  We will do A LOT!

It was a really great tour.  And then several us went to Crackers to have dinner. Because I am all about fun!

I got a Grouper Reuben.  No photo but it had sauerkraut on it.  (in case you don’t know, some places use coleslaw–what??? but I still eat them.  Cause I still love fish and I still love a reuben and I gained 3POUNDS from that bit of late night dining!)

This weekend is jammed packed with festivals!  The Blues and BBQ will be at the Homosassa Civic Club festival grounds.  Stone Crab Jam is in Crystal River.  Inverness is having a fine arts event.  So much to do!

Next week is the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.  Nothing else is going on anywhere in the county.  Or perhaps anywhere in the state.  Be there!  Not too late to volunteer!

Have a great weekend!



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