Friday Meanderings

So excited!

Jes and Andrew are flying in tonight!

Nothing but fun there!

We’ll be boating and eating and drinking and partying.  

Same old, same old.Cause it’s always a party in Old Homosassa!

I haven’t posted as much as usual this week.  Banjo Camp set me back a little. 

And then I met up with a cousin that I haven’t seen in many many years.  He claimed 50. So I was 9 the last time I saw him?  

That’s me, Al, my sister Ellen, and my niece Michelle.

After a lovely lunch with my sister Ellen (the famous artist) and my niece Michelle (the famous blogger) Al and I plus two of his friends went to the Florida National Cemetery to see my parent’s grave site.  My dad was in the army in WWII so that’s where he and my mom are buried. It’s a beautiful site–well cared for–but HUGE.  Even though I had a map and had the numbers where their plot is, it took awhile to find it.

Florida National Cemetery

But we did.


And what’s going on this weekend?

A great band on Saturday evening at the Shed.  We plan to be there!

Oh yeah, and it’s Easter. Easter egg coloring and hunts will ensue!

Most important of ALL!

Next week we have lots of meetings.

Monday at 7 pm is the monthly Homosassa Civic Club meeting.  It costs $3.00 to belong to this group.  They do a lot of good works and the membership is dwindling.  We need YOU to join.  Come on, 3 bucks. Be there a little early so you can join.  One hour of your life once a month.  

Wednesday night at 5:30 is the Old Homosassa Heritage Council Meeting held at the Gator Den.  This group’s dues are a bit more.  $15.  This group is working on preserving and enhancing Old Homosassa starting with the water tower. In the meantime we are watching the progress of our new sidewalks and trying to keep tabs on everything in Old Homosassa!

The River Alliance meets Thursday evening.  I’m not a member of this group but they also are a plus to the community.  Their current big project is to stop the hotel that’s planned on Halls River Road.  That development is nothing but ridiculous.  Terry and I will be attending the hearing in Inverness on April 14th at 5:01 pm.  

Okay.  That’s it!

Have a great Easter!


Easter Dog

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