Friday Meanderings

I know you are waiting impatiently for the results of the Homosassa Civic Club elections.


Of course, nobody was running against him!

Although before the meeting we believed that there would be at least one other candidate nominated from the floor.


Terry won!

Mr. President!

And Dennis Seibert won the treasurer spot.  Bill Perko returns as director.

Good news all the way around!

That was Monday night.  Wednesday night we had a meeting about RESTORING THE HOMOSASSA RIVER!

We had the leader and reps from “Save Crystal River” to give us advice.  Howard Miller from Gator Dredging that is running the project on Kings Bay was there to speak.  Chris Anas (can’t actually spell his name) from SWFMD was present along with Senator Simpson.  In addition Jeff Rogers and Randy Oliver from the county were there.  It was a GOOD meeting.

Senator Simpson said he is pushing for buckets of money to replace our worn out septic tanks and saving our springs.


Okay.  I’m writing this on Thursday evening at 6 pm.  Off to another meeting with the “Save the Homosassa River Alliance” in a few minutes.  We will be discussing last night’s meeting.


So what’s going on here in Homosassa?

It will be cold this weekend so there will be a few thousand manatees in the springs.  Just go to the Wildlife Park, pay the entrance, and go to the viewing station.  A few thousand.  Terry and I will be there on Saturday afternoon.

Next Friday, the 16th, is the CHRISTMAS GOLF CART PARADE!  We will be there with our new golf cart!

The 17th is the Christmas Outreach Program at the Civic Club.  Kids and Santa.  This is a REALLY COOL program.  The Civic Club has a party for all the kids.  With crafts, snacks and Santa hands out small gifts.  The important stuff happens behind the back door at the club.  We hand out gifts to the parents to put under the tree from Santa.

That night is the CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE!  Go stand at the Shed.  Perfect view of the parade.

If you check out Project 365 right here, I’m trying to catch up.

Suddenly my Internet blog problems seem to be gone!  Not trusting it just yet.  Maybe some of my issues were the changeover from Brighthouse to Spectrum.  Sure I’ll never find out. I haven’t added all my “plugins” back but happy things are working again!

Have a great weekend!


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