Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

My computer is messed up again. This time my fault. Tried to update the network with a new router.  Didn’t work. Backed out of the new hardware and it kinda sorta worked. Except my desktop is now so s-l-o-w. And my laptop is on a different plain of existence.

So should I spend all day Friday on the phone with tech support? Or start my Christmas shopping and make Cookies?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Sorry Riley, Piper and Adley, no gifts or peanut butter blossoms for you!

Until I get my real computers working, I’m using my antique iPad.

Other than crashing my network and destroying my office (the consequence of moving the hardware, cables, and power–twice) it’s been a fun week.

Went to the Citrus County Council annual meeting. First time ever. All the community groups along with government departments attend. Gerry Mulligan, the publisher of our local paper, was the speaker.Gerry mulligan

He’s a good speaker and always has an upbeat message.  He started out by recognizing that all the government reps were there. “Everyone except The Homosassa Special Water District!”  I put up my hand.

That was fun!

The OHHC had a meeting and Christmas party that evening. OHHC

Then Terry and I went to his mother’s Christmas party at Sunflower Springs. More fun!  When I’m 92 I am definitely moving here. Our own local “Cool Corporate Cats” performed. All of the staff are great.  And it’s really nice that the place is only 10 minutes from our house!

Golf cart parade is today at 6 pm.  Starts at the Old Mill. This is our first time. Golf cart is decorated all Christmasy and ready to go!

Christmas Outreach is Saturday at 2:00. All kids under 10 are invited. At the Homosassa Civic club. Santa will be there. And cookies!

Christmas Boat Parade is at 6 pm. On Saturday. On the River.

The Christmas Lights start at the Homosassa Wildlife Park on Saturday evening. If you haven’t been to this event–go!  If you have been, I know you’ll be back. It’s a Christmas tradition.

Have a great weekend!

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