Friday Meanderings


Okay, if you are one of my local readers, get your calendars out!

Big meeting in Inverness today.  Our “Access to the River” project is on the agenda for the Citrus County Legislative Delegation.  3:00.  We are getting closer to getting a public park on the river! The “Homosassa River Restoration Project” will be represented, too.  We’ve decided to wear blue to show our unity and the delegates will know who we are!

Saturday and Sunday there is a craft show at the Villages.  Supposed to be a good show.  We’ll be there to check out the talent if the weather is good!

Speaking of weather, it’s been lovely here.  I even mowed the yard today! Who does that in January? (Okay, I actually just mulched up the leaves since there hasn’t been any yard growth) We’re supposed to be getting some cold weather today but nothing like the rest of the country.

And back to the calendar….a really exciting meeting will be on Monday night at 7 pm at the Homosassa Civic Club.  Yes, it’s the monthly meeting of HCC.  Terry will be sworn in as president and some of our disgruntled members (yeah, there’s maybe 5 of them) have hinted that controversy will ensue!  Fun. Fun. Fun.

Tuesday morning at 9 am there will be a Board of County Commissioner meeting regarding the funding of the boat ramp on the barge canal.  At least one of our new commissioners is questioning putting the boat ramp there.  The funding and the boat ramp could be moved to the Homosassa River.  Whether you are for or against this idea, you should attend the meeting.

There’s more meetings.  But you don’t really want to go to those!

Have a great weekend!  And stay warm!


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  1. Might be less-than-perfect art show weather, but have fun anyway. That’s a ‘Howard-Alan Production’ show. They’ve been in the business forever, they do a good job, and used to have a reliable stable of artists.

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