Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings


Took a walk in the yard on Thursday.  I’m not out there nearly enough.  Because of this mild winter, a lot of my flowers are blooming.  They are confused.

I am too.

Thought that everything was going great with our relationship with the newspaper. But an editorial was published in the Chronicle telling the Civic Club that we should just get along.  Oh there’s more than that.  Very one-sided for the other side. The real problem is that Terry was never consulted.  No one called him.  The writer talked to the coordinator that was terminated and trespassed.  And probably her husband.  But not Terry.

I have always liked the Chronicle.  Not always agreed with them.  But thought they did a good job on getting the facts.  Not this time.  The editorial is the opinion of the entire paper.  “Our” opinion it states.

Here’s the editorial, just click.


We take issue to a few comments.  First, “On the other side of the feud is civic club president Terry Green and his followers who argue the learning center is underutilized.”  It sounds like Terry has a just a few people supporting him.  He was voted in as president unanimously at the December meeting.  He has the support of the majority of the club.  And the facility was underutilized.  Open occasionally for the kids to come over where they did crafts after school. Open for a girl scout troop to meet on Friday evening.

Second, “Absent a formal lease detailing the terms and conditions of use, the feud has resulted in the learning center’s locks being changed and Bartell being summarily ousted as its director with the added rebuke of trespassing charges if she attempts to again set foot on the site. In response, Bartell has raised the prospect of a possible lawsuit.”

After Mrs. Bartell was voted by the entire Board of Directors to be terminated and while she was taking her personal possessions out of the facility, she asked what would stop her from changing the locks back.  And the detective on site said. Trespass.

She continues to maintain that the Civic Club has other purposes for the Homosassa Learning Center.  No, we are actually using it for learning.  A handout went to the school yesterday, approved by the Citrus County School District, which will go home with the students detailing the new tutoring program that will occur Monday to Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:30.

Now we are working on a schedule for adults which will include learning how to play guitar, crochet, sew, knit and give adults access to the computers and books in the Homosassa Learning Center.

There will be more.

And here’s some flowers to brighten up your day.




Have a great weekend!

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