Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

Not much new here.  Still working on the transition of the Learning Center.  Weren’t in the newspaper this week–again!  Calmness.

This week is always busy busy busy with meetings.  And they were good.  And over.

The learning center is offering guitar lessons to the kids at the Homosassa Elementary School.  Have a great volunteer who has played guitar his whole life.  Started out with four kids.  Then it moved to six.  Got an email that there are two more that are begging to join the group.  The instructor said that he can’t give personal lessons to more than six.  Hate to tell those two kids no.  Cause I’m all about YES.  So pondering the situation.

That’s our new unofficial slogan at the Civic Club.  We are the party of YES!

We are still working on putting a sewing class together for adults.

Things are coming together.

Oh, and the details that I promised last week!  The Homosassa Civic Club is holding an “Old Homosassa Community Day” on March 11.  First ever.  The Old Homosassa Heritage Council is having a yard sale in the Civic Center.  Accepting donations on March 10.  (No clothes, sorry.  Powers above me made that decision.) All the proceeds go to painting the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

We’ve invited all of our community groups to put up info booths.  There will be an open mic on the stage, food and drinks.  Open house at the Learning Center.  The office was flooded during Hurricane Hermine and the renovation should be complete by the community day.  Looking forward to showing off our new campus!

So what else is going on?

This Saturday is the last free day at Three Sisters Springs.  Looking forward to seeing the improvements!  You can park at one of the local shopping centers and walk in rather than waiting for the bus.

Shrimpapalooza is on March 18.  This is a fun day put on by the Homosassa Rotary Club.  I’ve always wanted to be in the golf cart parade and this year WE HAVE A GOLF CART!

By the way, I’m on Instragram now.  I’m trying to remember to put my snaps up there.  Not into the habit yet.  My name is designktg if you want to check out my photos.


That’s it for now!

Have a great weekend!







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