Michelle, Connie and I are off treasure-hunting at Renninger’s Antique and Collectibles Extravaganza today!  (I just love saying that word–ExtravaGANZA! That’s what I want my life to be–an extravaGANZA!) 

We usually do this event once a season but here we are stepping out of our boundaries! We didn’t decide to actually go until this week so that’s really last minute for us. Because we are planners.  And very busy people.

TReasure Hunting
Here we are back in November!

I didn’t feel like we got to see everything last time.  We were kind of wandering. Should we have a plan so we hit every booth and building?


Wandering is good!

Treasure Hunting 2014 at Renninger's Antique and Collectibles Extravaganza in Mount Dora
My treasures from our last outing–piano stool, crocheted snowflakes, and a really old phone.  Still haven’t refinished that piano stool.  But my coffee sits on it every morning while I peruse the newspaper in our family room. I thought we could rewire the phone but it might be beyond the “point of no return”.  Meanwhile it looks great as a book end on my book case.  The lovely cake pedestal is used every day holding fruit.
the front
Here’s one of the snowflakes! The other joined crystal snowflakes in my piano room for the holidays.

I’m not really searching for anything in my treasure hunt but I’m sure something will jump out and grab my eye.  And my wallet.

Gonna get on my soap box a bit here.  I live way out and the shopping choices are limited. I know–it’s totally my choice to live here.  And I love it.  Love Publix and get all my groceries there.  Besides that we have Walmart.  And it’s a very nice Walmart.  And we have a lot of local people that are employed there. Plus the company does give back to the community. But if I want anything that Publix or Walmart can’t provide I drive to Spring Hill which is about 35 to 45 minutes away.  Not a big deal.  There is a Jo-annes Fabric there.  I dropped my rotary cutter (which is indispensable to sewist) and it was bent.  I needed a new one. I couldn’t order it online because I NEEDED IT NOW!  I stood in line at Jo-annes almost 20 minutes. Really? I wasn’t even getting fabric cut. I am all about supporting local businesses. But really.  If you are having a sale.  And all businesses in the area know that we have a huge influx of shoppers in the winter, wouldn’t you have at least two cashiers? And that’s why I order my fabric and other sewing basics online. Stepping off the soap box now.  

This weekend is the annual Manatee Festival in Crystal River. $4.00.  Which includes a free bus ride to Three Sisters Springs.  And there will be manatees there.  If you haven’t been to the spring this is the perfect opportunity to check it out.

With apologies to my northern friends, it will be a beautiful weekend here in Florida, I hope you enjoy it!

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