Frozen Costumes

I was planning on posting about some options for the DIY Easy Tote bag from last week but it was pandemonium around here.  That’s a kind way of saying that three energetic grandkids were here for three crazy busy days. 

So, instead, I’ll tell you about the Frozen costumes that I’m working on.

This all started when Piper skyped me from ND to ask me to make her an Elsa dress.  Not a problem.  So I told Addy and Kendall that I’d make them dresses, too.  They were all very excited! Everyone wanted to be Elsa, of course.  And I want to add that these three girls are all fashionistas.  They are not going to wear anything that doesn’t fit exactly right, rubs in the wrong way, or is the slightest bit off in style or color!

I had the pattern for the Frozen costumes but wasn’t too sure of the size for Piper.  So, rather than just making the dress out of all that shiny material and finding out that it doesn’t fit, I made a test dress in the 2-3 size for her and was planning on sending it off to ND for Piper to try on.  

Extra fabric from the Willow quilt I made in May. Adorable.

When I finished it, I thought this really looks big.  So, since Kendall was here, I tried it on her.  She’s a size 5.  And she said, “Grandma, this is way too big, I’d have to wear a shirt under this.”  And she was right, the armholes were very large.

So I tried it on Addy, a size 7, and it just fit.  A little short in the length but perfect around the chest and armholes. 

And here it is on the seven-year-old. No way that’s going to fit 3-year-old Piper!

And where’s Kendall?


And that’s why I didn’t get the tutorial for the tote options finished!

We did accomplish something.  Kendall now wants to be Anna!  Yeah!  Two Elsa’s and an Anna.  Couldn’t convince Jack to be Olaf, though!

And we went to the fabric store and these two fashionistas picked out the perfect shiny material for two Elsa’s and an Anna. And I was told exactly how each cape had to be attached and that the dresses had to go ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR, and they had to have long sleeves.  Glad I got straightened out on all that before I made those dresses! Now I just have to figure out how to make the dress small enough for Piper!


And just in case I forget which fabric goes with which character, they put post it notes on them.
Can’t leave anything to chance!

I’ll be back next Thursday with the update for the tote!

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  1. It think the mock dress is cute!! I am so happy that someone wants to be Anna, I don’t understand all the fuss over Elsa (which PS Andrew says is bad parenting if a child prefers Elsa).

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