Gel Stain

I’ve been moving furniture around.  Since my house is already well furnished, if I add in one little piece, something has to go.  And I hate getting rid of things–especially hate getting rid of any storage items.  Storage is a big issue in Florida.  No basements and the attics are too hot and inconvenient to be much use.  Although I tell myself that if I need more storage I have too much stuff, I really do need those extra sheets, blankets, and pillows.  But they are all bulky and consume mass quantities of space.

So as a result of moving things about, I also decided to update some of the pieces.  Some successfully, some pretty sad.  But on this particular trunk, I was happy with the results.  I’d never really liked it.  Just a pine piece that I picked up at an unfinished furniture store but it provided needed storage in the guest room for blankets, sheets, and pillows. Terry had to reattach the trim a few times since it kept popping off.  Not a really high quality piece, and I hated the color that I stained it.  Pretty boring.  But I didn’t want to paint it since I already have enough painted furniture and I didn’t want to expend the effort sanding or stripping it.

I’d read a few blog posts about Min-Wax Gel Stain.  Excessive sanding nor stripping were necessary.  I found an acceptable stain color at WalMart–mahogany, lightly sanded the trunk, put the gel-stain on, rubbed it off.

Min-Wax Gel Stain

Did it again 24 hours later (no sanding before the second coat) followed up with Min-Wax Poly-acrylic, and voila! A deeper richer look–just what I wanted!

Min-Wax Gel Stain

Easy Peasy and family room worthy!  Now maybe I’ll make a cushion for the top and a couple pillows and I’ll not only have storage but extra seating!

Min-Wax Gel Stain


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  1. That’s great !!! I love Maggie on the sofa “what, more photos?”
    Hmm, Gel Stain – I’ll have to find a victim here to try it out on.

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