Geo Heart Magnet

It’s February which always makes me think of hearts and strawberries.  February is when you can find fresh strawberries in Florida.  Yum.  The “strawberry festivals” start this month, too.

But I digress.  Today I’m thinking about hearts. Since Valentine’s is the 14th, I thought I’d share a few projects with you that I created prior to the big date.  So rather than just one project day on Thursday, you’re getting Tuesday and Thursday.  Maybe even Friday if I get a third project done!

I’ve been seeing a lot of “geo” designs on some of the blogs I read and all over Pinterest. Just type in geo heart and see what the search engine comes up with!  At first I didn’t care for them but then I was inspired by this pattern I saw on the blog Sixth Street Design School:

Geo Heart

After I looked at it awhile and figured out that it was just 10 squares cut into triangles, I started thinking about the potential of this simple design on a pillow, a quilt, or even a tea towel.  But the very easiest would be to make a bunch of magnets just like the example.  And I was off…

I had a couple of 4″ x 6″ adhesive magnetic sheets in my crafts arsenal which was just enough for 2″ squares. (If I had had one more sheet I probably would have made the shapes a little bigger) Since I sometimes have difficulty visualizing the end result, I decided to use some cardstock and make a pattern.  I cut 2″ squares out of three different colors of card stock–three each from two of the colors, and four from the third.  Then I just cut them diagonally and created my design.

Triangles of cardstockGeo Heart design

Next I went through my bits and pieces of fabric and picked out three coordinating prints.  (They were all Moda Fabrics that I had leftover from a charm pack I bought a couple years ago)

Moda FabricsThen I just drew the 2″ squares and diagonals on the fabric and magnet sheets and cut them out, peeled the adhesive back off of the magnet, and stuck it on the wrong side of the fabric. 

Then I recreated the pattern on my magnetic chalkboard which I made a few years ago for my kitchen.

Heart on Magnetic Chalkboard

(Here’s a little tip, since the pieces are small, they want to curl up at the corners so I weighted them down with books to flatten them out after I put them on the board.)

Then I had to think of a sappy phrase to go along with my heart.

Geo Heart Design with magnets
Making the magnets was so fun and easy, I picked up some more magnetic sheets at WalMart and made a geo house.

On Thursday, I’ll have another heart-related project for you!


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