Geo Heart Pillow with Moda Charm Packs

This is the last in the series of three making geo hearts.  Need to move on to something else!  But it was fun.  In my first post on Tuesday I made a geo heart magnet, then yesterday I stitched up a geo heart tea towel using Moda charm packs, and today I’m making a geo heart quilted pillow. 

How cute is Maggie? 

Geo Heart Pillow using Moda Charm PacksOh, here’s the completed pillow…

Geo Heart Pillow using Moda Charm PacksAnd Maggie!

Geo Heart Pillow using Moda Charm Packs
Just want you to see that this is a really BIG pillow. But Maggie is also a wee dog.

Okay, that’s it for the cute dog in front of the pretty pillow.  I think I’ll eventually make a quilt using this geo heart pattern.  It’s kind of fun, although time consuming.  I also want to say that I’m a self-taught sewist. (I just saw that word on a sewing blog so it must be a real word!)  There’s probably easier ways to make quilted pillow covers, but this is how I do it!

I picked out 10 of the Moda Charm Pack Blocks.  Also cut out four  5″  and two  4 1/2″ squares from a neutral quilting fabric that I just happened to have stashed away. 

I then cut the 10 charm pack squares and the 5″ squares diagonally.

Next I arranged the triangles into a geo heart shape and put the two 4 1/2″ squares in the lower corners to complete the design.

Geo Heart Pillow using Moda Charm Packs

I stitched the triangles together into blocks


Then stitched the blocks together on each row


Sewed the rows together

Pressed, then added more of the neutral quilting fabric to make the piece big enough for a pillow top.

Mine was a 23” square pillow form.

I cut

2     4 ½” x 16” strip and sewed them on two edges using ½” seams

2     4 ½” x 23” strips and sewed them on the other edges using ½” seam

Then I cut one 23” piece of fleece and pinned it to the back of the pillow cover.

I machine quilted around each triangle in the heart then machine quilted around the heart.

Then I made the back.  I forgot to take pictures of the steps but you can go to my envelope-style pillow cover post–same method but with pictures!

Two 16” x 23” pieces of fabric

Two 16” x 23” pieces of fleece

Sew the fleece to the wrong sides of the fabric with a 3/8″ seam. Trim.

Turn under ½” on one 23” side, then turn 1” under and stitch. Do the same on the second back piece.

Layer the back pieces on the pillow cover, right sides together. Trim corners, turn right side out.

Insert pillow form.

Geo Heart Pillow using Moda Charm Packs

 Very Pretty!  Something fun to do on a rainy day.

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