Lookin’ out my Backdoor

Good Morning Neighbors!

Good Morning, Hawks

Red-shouldered Hawks

Red-shouldered hawks

Good Morning Cardinal!


And in the garden…

The weather has been wonderful.  Cool and dry.  Flower and vegetable gardens are enjoying the change.

Most of the leaves have fallen from this plumeria but it is still blooming.
In the garden, roses and mandevilla
Roses and Mandevilla enjoying the sunshine.

Most people plant cauliflower and broccoli in their winter garden.  I’ve done that in the past but it’s a lot of work and not all that rewarding!  So now I just plant herbs and other veges that do not take much care–and that the squirrels don’t eat!

Lookin' Out my Backdoor
Basil ready to be transplanted


Lookin' Out my Backdoor
Carrots are not supposed to do well here but Addy and Kendall plant them every season anyhow and we always have yummy carrots. My little picky eaters gobble them up!
Lookin' Out my Backdoor, yummy pepper
I planted pepper seeds but they didn’t sprout so I picked up a couple pepper plants last week.
Lookin' Out my Backdoor
Looks like I’ll be picking green beans soon!

This season just doesn’t last long enough!  But we enjoy every minute of it!


2 thoughts on “Lookin’ out my Backdoor

  1. Good to see growing things instead of the brown in the Northeast. Beautiful cardinal, I don’t think they look that bright here, even in the summer.

  2. All the flowers and veges (and weeds) will keep growing until we get a frost. Usually not until January. We have beautiful cardinals all year round here. The hummingbirds are gone, though. Off to Mexico!

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