My friend Diana emailed me that her Gunny passed away at the vet’s office on Monday.  I take about 100 pictures a day (no exaggeration) and could only find these two from all the years that I knew Gunny.

Gunny EPSON DSC picture

I met Gunny and her people way back in 1999 when we first moved to Katy, TX.  I was considering getting a puppy and this guy kept walking by the house with this adorable little ball of fur and I just had to meet Gunny.  By the time Maggie found me, Gunny was quite a bit bigger but just as sweet.  I might never have met Diana and Walt if Gunny hadn’t picked them to be her people.  Thanks to Gunny, they are still my great friends. 

I think Gunny must have been about 15 years old since that’s the age Maggie is fast approaching.  She had a good life surrounded by people that adored her.  Gunny is one of those special companions that can never be replaced.

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