Happy 2nd Day of 2015!

My daughter-in-law took this picture last week and the whole Tampa family is there.  Except for my daughter-in-law (cause she’s taking the picture) and grandson Justin who was out-of-town. I like this picture because It’s a great photo that captures the moment and tells a story.

It's my birthday!
It’s My Birthday!

But what I love about this photo is that Kendall is stealing my cake.  That is SO Kendall.   

So are you doing any resolutions? 

I’m trying to get my priorities straight.  

Cutting back on “multi-tasking”.  Pay attention to the here and now.  “Live in the moment”. 

And a few goals that I started back at my birthday for my 60th year.  

First, take more pictures! (Could I take any more pics than I already do?) Okay, maybe take better ones.  So I started the Project 365 page on my blog to push me in that direction.  

I already play my banjo almost daily but I’d like to spend more time with my piano.  And I have a ukulele now which I haven’t touched.  I want to dedicate some time for music every day with the goal of getting over my insecurity of performing in front of people. Some of my crazy friends and a few relatives actually want to hear me play.  

I’m planning to read more books and remembering them!  Now after I read a book, I’m writing a quick blurb to myself about what it was about and how I felt about the book.  If you have any recommendations, let me know.  My all time favorite book for 2014 was Life after Life by Kate Atkinson.  So good.

Hmmm, guess that’s it.  Got any goals for your new year?

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