Happy Birthday Piper!

At our house we celebrate birthdays.  Actually we look for any excuse to have a party but birthdays are at the top of the list.  Piper’s birthday is this Sunday and Addy’s was on the 5th.  Since all the little grandkids were here for a few days, we decided to have a birthday party for all of them!

If you are lucky enough to be here for your party, you get to make your own cake…….

Making the birthday cake

Lick the spatula….

Lick the spatulaAnd then decorate with frosting and all kinds of sugary toppings!

Decorating cupcakes
And yes, I do used canned frosting. Because it’s yummy and easy!

Everyone gets their own candle to blow out!

Piper's candleAddyAnd we all sing happy birthday to each other!

Piper got very serious when we started singing

KendallJackJust had to throw this picture in of my future bluegrass band!

The bluegrass band


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