Happy Friday and First Day of November

Soon as Halloween goes by, I feel like I’m already late for Christmas. Especially if I’ve stopped at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Those places are crazy with the holiday deco!

But I’ll keep procrastinating and enjoying our wonderful weather. This weekend is the 18th Annual Blues and BBQ Fest in Old Homosassa at the Museum Cafe. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the gate with the music program at Homosassa Elementary being the beneficiary.  We’ll be there!

Next weekend is the Homosassa Seafood Festival. The street to our house shuts down on Friday so we have to take a scary detour to get in and out. And 10 million other people are trying to get in and out, too. So if we can’t get somewhere on our bikes, we’re staying home!

And we have a new restaurant opening on Monday, The Starting Gate.  It looks all shiny and ready to go!  How about those colors!

The Starting Gate, New Restaurant in Old Homosassa

Wednesday night we usually go to the Shed to meet with our neighbors over community issues.  Just kidding, we just go to have cheap beer.  The local dragon boat team sometimes trains while we’re there and we cheer them on.

Dragon Boat racers training

And here’s a couple of pictures of butterflies that are still hanging out in our backyard.


Butterfly in my back yard

Have a great weekend!

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