4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Hi Kathy, love all your pictures and really enjoy your info. about Homosassa and surrounding areas. I share them with friend back home. I am a snowbird from Michigan , we met last year at Crackers Tiki bar. I do have a question for you ” What do you do with the little biting bugs ” they are terrible, is there a spray or home made remedy for them…anything would be appreciated . Keep up the beautiful pictures and info about the surrounding areas..

    Thanks Joan Termon Dr. Homosassa

    • Hi Joan, I have found that nothing works against no-see-ums other than the wind that blows them away. They’ll be gone as soon as it gets hot. And then we’ll have yellow flies in May which are even worse!

      • Well i guess we all have to put up with nasty bugs, its the itching that’s bad. Are you sitting down, found something that works on that itch, I have tried everything I could think of… then I tried the pretty little purple bag called ” VAGISIL anti-itch medicated wipes ” if you don’t know , these are protection cleanses for female itch..I put them in a small baggie so husband thinks he’s using a wet towelette, he keeps the used one in another bag until it drys out.. Far be it from me to tell him what they really are used for. works for me , also a smile for the day..

        • Love it! My mother-in-law and daughter-in-law both suffer from the itchy bites. Terry and I hate the no-see-ums but don’t develop the welts or itchiness that they do. Are we immune after this many years or just didn’t have the allergy? Doesn’t matter. What matters is you just gave me a relief for those that suffer. We will be keeping your cure on hand in the future!

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